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When an artist looks in the mirror, I mean truly looks, they do not see themselves. They see the characters they write about. The elves, the witches, the angels, the vampires; and sometimes, just a human that has a more exciting life than the artist who draws or writes of him. We have finally named that world on the other side of the mirror: Cimmerian World.

It is a world that has exceptional beauties, but also a dark side. It is a world we would never truly wish to come to life. But when you look at the pictures and say, "I wish elves were real," you can see them. They are in peoples' stories and illustrations. It is the Cimmerian World that we try to portray; it is the land behind the mirror that we try to portray.

Our comics and art are based in this world, the world we call Earth. And yet, at the same time, they're not. We do not believe that Death has a physical manifestation, or that vampires and werewolves truly exist. However, our characters live their lives in very familiar parts of the world. Lee Andersen, the main character of Endless Nights, calls New York City her home. But it is the New York City on the other side of the mirror, not the New York City where millions of people roam here every day.

Some of our illustrations, on the other hand, are based on wholly fictional worlds. We draw many elves, pixies, dwarves and halflings. These things have no bases in true fact in this world. Their realm is complete fantasy, but they're charming creatures to draw nonetheless. We enjoy drawing our elves--sometimes--more than we enjoy drawing our "real world" creatures.

So welcome to Cimmerian World, the other side of the mirror. Please, enjoy your stay. And do drop us a line to let us know how much you enjoyed all of the artwork inside.

All products herein are copyright © Cimmerian Studios 2005-2008 and their respective owners and should not be used without permission.